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Capturing data to save lives

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An example of how a well-executed content strategy can make a massive difference in the way desired audiences react to content. It shows how cohesive and well-considered branding can make a big impact in exemplifying trustworthiness. SaveBC archives a Google PageSpeed result of 88.


Some challenges SAVE BC faced were identifying and intervening in this high-risk group and getting them to participate in the study. Patients diagnosed are often frightened, confused and just want to be treated by their doctor and get life back to normal. Many medical professionals were not aware of this new study, the credibility of it, and the larger benefits it would provide the province.
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Save BC website
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SAVE BC set up a first of its kind study in Canada called the ‘Study to Avoid cardioVascular Events in BC’ (SAVE BC), with the aim of saving lives, and significantly reducing the social and financial burden of CVD, by discovering a great deal about the determinants of the disease and developing treatments.


First, Camp Pacific created the SAVE BC brand identity - instantly recognizable iconography for the study. This iconography was used in all advertising and direct marketing collateral materials which made the target audiences aware of the study and its purpose. All of the communication drives the audience to the website.

The website acts as the hub for patients, their family members and medical professionals. The key aim of the site is to provide thtoese three groups with information about the disease, the study, and to make it easy for them to ask questions and sign up to participate. It is the key to capturing the data necessary to identify and intervene with these high-risk groups.

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The new identity and site have been incredibly well received by the medical community, with the site serving as a pertinent education tool to enhance and enable recruitment of patients. In 4 short months, it generated new leads beyond BC’s borders, piquing interest in neighbouring provinces. A better than industry-average bounce rate of 30% combined with an impressive average of 4-minutes and 4 pageviews per session has yielded a 100% conversion of sign-ups who are now participants in the program. By streamlining valuable information and resources the site provides simplicity to an otherwise complex subject.
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  • Technical Strategy
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Drupal Customization
  • Systems Architecture
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dev-ops


  • UX Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User-flows
  • Design System Creation
  • Launch Plan


  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design


  • Copywriting
  • Image Selection

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